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University Orientation

Check out our University Orientation services and get a place in the degree you want, at the university of your choice.

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Expert advice and preparatory courses for university admission. Guarantee your place at any university in the world.

Attending the university of your dreams is within your reach with our expert advice. Our university orientation services are designed to help you prepare excellent university applications. Our consultants know each university’s requirements inside out, the characteristics they look for in candidates, and how best to demonstrate those characteristics in a perfect cover letter.

Our personalised university orientation service will guide you step-by-step through the application process for top universities in the United Kingdom and Europe: Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland and Denmark.

Admission to Oxford and Cambridge

The two top universities in the United Kingdom have their own, unique application processes. To achieve admission, you will firstly need to get extremely high results in your A-Levels or IB, and you will need to have an outstanding Personal Statement. Following that, you will have to obtain a reasonably high mark in the admission tests. Lastly, you will need to pass an interview.


Thorough preparation of the admission tests is key if you wish to have a good chance. The universities themselves highly recommend perfecting techniques for the admission tests. For this reason, we have a specialist team of teachers with expertise in each of the tests. To date, they have tutored 40 students for the tests, 70% of whom have achieved the necessary results to go on to the interview stage.

During your time with us, we’ll work on marking scheme techniques, time management, and getting you completely familiar with the exam format. On top of this, you will receive exclusive didactic materials which will help you reach your full potential.

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