Intensive Courses for IB, IGCSE and A-Levels

Our Intensive Courses are designed to guarantee improved academic results in record time.

Cursos intensivos Think Ahead Academy

Maximise your potential for success in the official exams

The Think Ahead Academy Intensive Courses will allow you to carry out a full recap of your curriculum in a short amount of time.

refuerzo IGCSE y A-Levels

At Christmas, Easter, in summer or at any time throughout the year. Our Intensive Courses can be reserved at any time and for all of the subjects we offer.

refuerzo IGCSE y A-Levels

During an intensive course, we will focus on the areas of the subject that the student struggles with, and we’ll pay particular attention to the relevant exam techniques.

refuerzo IGCSE y A-Levels

The courses are taught by truly outstanding teachers, you will receive exclusive didactic materials, and we will provide thorough feedback at the end of the course.

academia refuerzo a-level y igcse

Small class size

A maximum of 6 students per class. Groups organised by school and level.

Exam technique

You will learn to master the exam themes, while also becoming an expert in evaluation criteria and in scoring high on the exams.

The best teachers

Teachers with expertise
in IGCSE, A-Levels and IB.

Course material

Curriculum guides, notes and advice, exam samples and other didactic materials.

Performance reports

Feedback, personalised analysis of common errors, advice and recommendations upon finishing the course.

Features of the Intensive Courses


Face-to-face and online classes

Adaptable course structure

The length of the Intensive Course can be adapted to your needs.


Intensive Courses available throughout the year


Mornings and evenings


C/ Valportillo Segunda, 14
C/ Henri Dunant, 17


IB (NM or NS and in English or in Spanish)

Other Components

IGCSE & A-Level

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