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The enrolment period to Virtus for the 2024-25
academic year is now open.

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Virtus is a British School specialising exclusively in A-Levels (15-18 years) and university entrance. Our mission is to maximise the potential of future generations by offering a cutting-edge education focused on personalisation, innovation and excellence.

Specialising in A-Level

At Virtus we work with International A-Levels (IALs), a variant of the conventional A-Level whereby students take official examinations in January and May of Year 12 and Year 13, splitting the examination content into four sittings instead of one.

Each Virtus student specialises by choosing 4 International A-Level subjects based on their university objectives.

Average of 5 students per class, maximum of 9

Personalisation is an essential component of the school’s philosophy. By working in small groups, we offer a higher quality education, catering to the needs of each student to maximise their individual potential and achieve better results.

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    Specialists with experience
    and vocation

    We are characterised by cutting-edge education and an innovative methodology based on active learning and the acquisition of 21st century skills and competences.

    We have highly qualified professionals, experts in their A-Level subjects, who inspire and transmit to students their vocation for knowledge and the values of daily effort, self-confidence and integrity.

    The ultimate preparation for university

    Our educational programme guarantees a unique support strategy, support and enrichment in the preparation for university. We analyse each student’s starting point through vocational tests, design their particular strategy for two years and work towards achieving the established milestones, enriching their profile with the knowledge and skills required in their career.

    Humanities &
    Media Studies

    Business, Finance & Entrepreneurship

    Maths & Physics


    University results and destinations

    Results for the class of 2022-2023

    First and second choice university
    0 %
    Students achieved A*-A grades
    0 %
    Students achieved A*-A Mathematics
    0 %
    Students achieved A*-A English
    0 %

    Grade variance: class of 2022-2023

    Up two grades
    0 %
    Up one grade
    0 %
    Kept their grade
    0 %
    Dropped one grade
    0 %

    All our students access their first or second choice university
    each year at the world’s most prestigious institutions.

    New facilities in La Moraleja

    Our campus has been designed for Sixth-Form students, with all the details necessary to create a pre-university aura that encourages responsibility, independence and collaboration.

    Calle Salvia, 46. 28109 Alcobendas. Madrid.

    +34 651 156 271 / +34 91 014 99 65. •