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    Revision Pack

    Choose a subject, go over the concepts of various topics and practice official IB exam questions.

    Exam Pack

    With this Pack we will make you an expert of the exam technique, so that you answer just as IB requires.

    Premium Pack

    If you need a tutor to guide you over more time, even during the entire course, the Premium Pack is the best option for you.

    Guided Support of IA, Extended Essay and ToK

    If you want a tutor to help you improve and finish your assignment with quality, the Guided Support service allows you to count on a tutor specialised in the IB to help you every step of the way.

    Written Feedback of IA, Extended Essay and ToK

    There are cases in which receiving written feedback is more efficient than having work sessions with a tutor. If you are tight on time or you are able to implement on your own the changes we send you, then the Written Feedback solution is your best option.

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