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Our mission, our students.

Our background

Think Ahead Academy was born in 2016. Founded by a group of alumni from British schools in Madrid who, after studying at some of the best universities in the UK, designed an innovative educational experience, adapted to the reality of British schools and International Baccalaureate schools.

At Think Ahead we strive to maximise the potential of our students. If you are an IGCSE, A-Level or IB teacher, we are your academy and we would be delighted to have you.

Our values


We adapt our methodology to achieve maximum performance from each student. We customise our classes with small groups and give each student the support they need to be reflected in their exam results.


We understand teaching as a way of life. Our teachers are motivated professionals who provide full and customised attention to each of their students. Seeing our students’ progress every day is the engine that moves us at Think Ahead Academy.


We are aware of the role we have in our students’ academic life. Our task as teachers is to ensure that each student reaches their greatest potential. We provide all the means and resources to make it possible and we ensure the trust placed by our students and their families.

Inside Think Ahead Academy

Our proposal

How does it work?

Our team

At Think Ahead Academy you will have the opportunity to work in education and learn within a team of young and talented international teachers. All of our teachers have a true vocation for teaching and are able to transmit their knowledge and passion to students and peers alike. Tutors and staff, from 8 different nationalities, work together to ensure that all students have a unique experience regardless of the subjects they are taught.

All of our teachers have a bachelor’s degree related to the subjects they teach. They are native speakers or have excellent English speaking and writing skills. They are creative professionals, good communicators, with personality and a teaching style that makes them take their students to the top.

What is the selection process like?


(10 - 20 MIN)

First, we will hold an informative call in which we will tell you about us, our project, and the conditions we offer for the position to which you have applied. We will ask you a series of questions to understand your suitability for the role, and solve any doubts you may have.


(30 - 45 MIN)

We will conduct an interview in which we will resolve any doubts you may still have, discuss your academic background, your professional experience, and the role you have applied for.


(20 - 30 MIN)

We will carry out a simulation in a lesson context. To do this, we will provide you with a topic that you must prepare in advance. During the test, you will be able to use the resources available in the classroom and interact with us.

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