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igcse a levels ib

Virtus is a Sixth Form College, a British school specialising solely in the A-Level stage (15-18 years of age) and university entry. Our mission is to bring out the potential of future generations by offering them a cutting-edge education focused on personalisation, , innovation and excellence.

igcse a levels ib

Think Ahead Academy, an academy offering educational support programmes for IGCSE, A-Levels and IB. An official Edexcel exams centre.

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    Our locations

    Virtus, The British Sixth Form College

    Academic Year 2022-23

    Calle Valportillo Segunda, 14  •  28108 Alcobendas – Madrid

    +34 656 550 040
    +34 91 014 99 65

    Academic Year 2023-24

    In our continuous mission towards innovation and being at the
    fore-front of British education, in 2023 we will move to a new building in La Moraleja.

    This transition serves a teaching purpose with the sole aim of delivering educational excellence through our methodology.

    Think Ahead Academy


    Calle Valportillo Segunda, 14  •  28108 Alcobendas – Madrid

    +34 656 550 040
    +34 91 014 99 65


    Calle Henri Dunant, 17  •  28036 Madrid

    +34 656 550 040
    +34 91 014 99 65

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    2024-25 Academic Year

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