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    What do we offer?

    Mastery of the exam technique

    Learn how to reason and to mark right. We use official materials.

    Personalized classes

    Groups of up to 5 students.

    IB assignments

    We also help with Internal Assessments, Extended Essay or ToK.

    Additional support

    Extra classes, intensive courses, personalized plans and workshops on study techniques and organization.

    Quality academic follow-up

    Continuous feedback, trimestral reports, MOCKs, grade predictions, WhatsApp group for doubts resolution, virtual classroom and much more.

    University counselling

    We guide our students in their future academic decisions.

    Guaranteed results

    improve their grades
    between 1 and 2
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    their 1st or 2nd choice
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    in the IB Diploma
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    Face-to-face and online lessons!

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    Calle de la Salvia, 46
    28109 Alcobendas – Madrid


    Edificios Ática  – Avenida de Europa
    28224 Pozuelo – Madrid


    Calle Valportillo Segunda, 14 
    28108 Alcobendas – Madrid


    Calle Henri Dunant, 17
    28036 Madrid

    Pick up service from schools

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    Best tutoring lessons
    for the MYP & IB

    Involvement and Dedication

    Involvement means having a tutor that goes beyond weekly classes, continuously communicates with the students, addresses specific doubts and is available for additional weekend classes. 

    We create a course design that aligns with the curriculum progression and school exams. 

    Our dedicated team engages with families, maintaining the fluid and necessary communication for our students’ progress.

    Personalization and Experience

    Experience, resources and a capable team that provides educational solutions, carries out continuous monitoring and uses exclusive resources as an official examination center offering a wide range of services and guidance associated with the IB. 

    Our students are not just numbers. We avoid massification and algorithms that replace the personalization and necessary interaction for students to achieve their goals.

    The best MYP & IB teachers

    We pride ourselves on having the best teachers who bring talent, dynamism and a track record of personal experience and commitment that aligns with the expectations of our students. 

    Our Educational Department understands the individual needs of each student and ensures personalized follow-up throughout the course and seeking tailor-made educational solutions.

    academia refuerzo a-level y igcse

    Excellence is our business!

    We work for and with the student

    refuerzo IGCSE y A-Levels

    Think Ahead was essential for my son in the last year of his IB. The teaching team is unbeatable. They know the IB curriculum and how it works incredibly well and impart the knowledge necessary for them to be successful in their final exams. They also offer very personalised support. I recommend them 100%.

    Geraldine Wahnon

    refuerzo IGCSE y A-Levels

    As a former student at Think Ahead, now at a top university in the UK, I can definitely say that without the academy I wouldn’t have made it this far. They supported me and taught me when I needed it most, and thanks to that I got the grades I needed to go to the UK. I would recommend all students to try theses lessons.

    Luis Surroca Llorens

    refuerzo IGCSE y A-Levels

    To my mind they are simply unbeatable. I’ve known them now for three years as my daughter took different subjects during that time with optimum results. If I liked them at the beginning, now, with experience I like them even more. It’s a great concept from the base up, an uncluttered structure and, on top of everything, a very high human and educational level for the entire team, which makes my daughter go there happily every day. Thank you and congratulations.

    Javier Pombo

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