Official Edexcel Exam Centre

An Official Edexcel Exam Centre

Achieve your GCSE, IGCSE, As-Level and A-Level qualifications.

centro de exámenes edexcel

Sit Your Exams as a Private Candidate

Think Ahead Academy is an Official Exam Centre for all subjects available for GCSEs, IGCSEs, As-Levels and A-Levels.

centro de exámenes edexcel

Any British system student who needs to sit an exam in one or two individual subjects can do so at our exam centre.

centro de exámenes edexcel

The qualification obtained when you take exams at our Edexcel Exam Centre is exactly the same as the one you would get at any other school.

centro de exámenes edexcel

We will take care of your exam registration and other administrative tasks and you will sit the exams at our facilities.

Who is this service for?

Private candidates

Students who wish to undergo an exam of their own account, independent to any school body.

Repeat exam candidates

Students who need to repeat an exam


Students who need to pass an exam in order to achieve Spanish accreditation.

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We can also manage the process of accrediting IGCSE and A-Levels to the Spanish system.
We are a UNED Partner Centre.

Features of the Edexcel Official Exam Centre


At our Alcobendas centre
C/ Valportillo Segunda, 14


For any open
Edexcel exam cycle


By choosing your exam and exam cycle and paying the fees

Are you also interested in exam preparation?

On top of signing you up for the exam of your choice, we can also help you to get ready for the exam by providing you with a personalised programme of classes, either online or face-to-face.

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