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Experts in the IB system

Think Ahead Academy is delighted to work with IB students from schools all across Spain,
thanks to our online and face-to-face classes.

refuerzo IGCSE y A-Levels

So much more than MYP and IB Preparation Classes. You will be part of a consolidated educational community, 100% committed to helping each student do their very best.

refuerzo IGCSE y A-Levels

Our IB classes will revise everything you learn at school, help you to strengthen your exam technique, practice exam-style questions and learn to meet evaluation criteria.

refuerzo IGCSE y A-Levels

Your goal is to achieve top marks and ours is to help you to do that in any subject, including Internal Assessments, the IB Extended Essay and the TOK.

What makes us unique?

Owning the British school with the most personalized education in Spain (Virtus) and the leading IGCSE/A-Level/IB tutoring academy in Madrid (Think Ahead Academy). That is a big achievement and our students benefit from it!

Guaranteed results

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Students improve their results between 1 or 2 grades
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Students admitted at their
1st or 2nd choice university
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Grades between 5 and 7
in the IB
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7/7 grades
in the IB

A 5-star tutoring academy!

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Why our clients choose us?

We have revolutionised the international educational community in the Community of Madrid.

Features of the IB Preparation Classes


Face-to-face and online classes


C/ Valportillo Segunda, 14
C/ Henri Dunant, 17


2 hours per week
per subject

Class Times

Monday – Friday: 17:15-19:15 or 19:15-21:15
Saturdays and Sundays: 10:00-12:00 or 12-14:00


NM or NS and in English or in Spanish

Other Components

Do you want the best grades?

This is how we work


Groups of 5, split by school and level

Individualized monitoring

Term reports and tailored solutions

24/7 teacher
help service

We are
always available


Student-tailored counselling

School and university advice and coaching

What does it translate to?

Guaranteed results

Count on us and you will improve

Self esteem and motivation

Become independent and believe in yourself

Exam technique mastery

Avoid memory. Learn to reason and score

Growing confidence

Gain experience under exam conditions

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    If you are looking for special 1on1 support in an online format,
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